27 mai 2015

The Question Why ?

En roue libre. Merci Harry c'est exactement le terme. Chassez la nature elle revient au galop. Celle-là est de ma mère. Bizarre adolescente. Aujourd'hui folle. Je me demande parfois si il vaudrait pas mieux que je me rende. Je me vois tendre les bras pour qu'on me mette les menottes. Me faire interner pour le crime de la folie. J'ai jamais su si c'était parce que j'étais différemment intelligente ou complètement conne. Je réfléchis pas assez avant de parler. Quand je suis complètement moi. Je suis cinglée. Je suis une gamine aussi.... [Lire la suite]
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18 mai 2015

Same mistake

Here it is: I fall for guys who challenge me intellectually or spirituality but because I'm not at their own "high" level (of ego) I find myself endlessly trying to keep up and prove them I worth it... when from theirs criterias, I don't and I end up acting insane and being doomed/rejected/despised... Erw. Ét. Jul. all over again..Okay now we've got the problem. What's the deal? What's the issue here? First I'm not confident with myself. Even being realistic and being way aware I've got a lack of culture and a really crap memory..... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2015

Can't live with women but can't kill them either

  Can't say I'm not thrilled with the news. This is brilliant and this is really what they wanted either or not I might have think they're a bit young... Makes me feel old myself. And so does my dad. I always assumed I would be the first one.. first of my generation.. being a woman .. wasn't the black cheep or the black seed but still. This is bitting me in the aSs.. Here you are 28years old single lost and stupid lady but the failure of them all.. and not even a success on properly failing.. I wanted to be a mother for a... [Lire la suite]
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05 mai 2015

There's a conclusion to my illusions

Love is a drug. It hits you straight in the heart and eat you so quick you've no way to turn back.I saw him, once. I turned back over myself and faced a stranger. A charming one. One of those, you think "Hey, he's real good looking". And by then you're already screwed. You might be sober, or even being on the defensive side of yourself, boom, the guy starts talking and you can't run away more than a few minutes before curiosity fills you up again and you end up going back to him... when it's not him who follows you around...Cat and... [Lire la suite]
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05 mai 2015

New Song

Colorless Feeling like a black and white picture,My heart's living between light and dark.My soul's dying in the blessed future Of the night, hoping for the color, To come back. Blaming the gods and the grey sky, Tears drop and shine like little stars.Falling down my knees here I can cryTil the end of time, watching the Moon, Away. So far. And since it's so hard to be greatful,Being the cat leaving the shadowFor the love I already got, toLives I've already had, I'll fill inBlue my sorrow. Bright should be... [Lire la suite]
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