Feeling like a black and white picture,
My heart's living between light and dark.
My soul's dying in the blessed future 
Of the night, hoping for the color, 
To come back.

Blaming the gods and the grey sky, 
Tears drop and shine like little stars.
Falling down my knees here I can cry
Til the end of time, watching the Moon, 
Away. So far.

And since it's so hard to be greatful,
Being the cat leaving the shadow
For the love I already got, to
Lives I've already had, I'll fill in
Blue my sorrow.

Bright should be the Sun off my body.
Singing should be the white birds high up.
Escaping days of you without me,
With the brush laying in that cold pink,
Waiting syrup.

Everything is dead here, even walls.
While it stopped from moving, the fat green, 
Started lining like building shores.
And I can't enlighten the texture
Of all by means.

Purple was the lines under my eyes.
But from now and always this is where,
They do join,and somehow what they are.
Could the happiness being returned,
And sadness be fair.

Hands are bleeding, there's splash on the ground,
Red and deep are the stains of duties,
Will it pass or will the corpse be found?
Sure the fake joy wasn't going to,
At last, save me.

.Écrit ce jour dans le RER A en rentrant de la Fac.